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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 20, 2013 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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>> shepard: three minutes to cavuto. president obama's limo is bulletproof and bomb proof but can break down from time to time. witness this. a photo of the armored suv the president is using today. there's always a backup vehicle on standby when the president travels, obviously. if need be, a mechanic is ready to pop the hood. this is video of the limo being towed. the driver didn't know if it was a fuel mixup behind the incident but that's possible much the secret service does not know what caused the breakdown. breaking news, breaking news. then there's this. we wrap it up in "studio b." do not mess with bingo in kentucky. an 18-year-old named austin holy walked into a bingo hall south of cincinnati in northern kentucky last month and yelled
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bingo! apparently bingo games can get rough. an off-duty police officer was working security and the officer promptly arrested waily for disorderly conduct. he had his day in court last week. the judge could have sentenced him to 90 days in jail and $250 fine but let him go with six months probation and ordered him not to say the word bingo during that time. kentucky, the only thing shaking them more is the loss to george mason in the nit last night. wildcats nation was bounced quickly. last night as a one seed they played 8 seed george mason. robert morris, not george mason. they fell like a sack of potatoes. kentucky is shaking and waiting
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for determiney time. i'm shep, that's it. the dow' up, we're happy about it. but there's trouble, trouble, trouble. as you've been filling out your march madness brackets, quietly, without a bunch of fanfare, wait until you hear this. >> you know what is good? pitino knows how to motivate his crew. >> neil: he may know how but does the president? while he released his ncaa brackets today, he's yet to get a budget in at all. get ready because a very different march madness is about to kick in. welcome, everybody, i'm neil cavuto. forget the hoops, republicans say time to dunk the perez. before he got to israel he got to this. >> good match but i like syracuse because biden told me
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if i didn't pick them he wouldn't talk to me. >> the president gets the brackets in on time but missing his budget deadline four out of five years sends a different signal. as much as we love a good game, the president's budget 44 days late. town hall's guy benson says we're the ones who lose on that. well, i'm sure you could argue misplaced priorities. there are reasons for the budget being late but there's something about pushing these brackets and not moving on this. >> look, as a sports fan i speak on behalf of many. thursday, friday, perhaps the best days in the calendar year, including christmas and christmas eve. >> neil: that's weird, i'm telling you that's weird. >> on twitter they'll agree. people love thursday and friday, the first week and the president is a huge college basketball fan. >> neil: more than christmas? >> if you're a hardcore sports
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fan, maybe. >> so you agree with the president. >> absolutely. he kicks my butt every year in the bracket. i'm a long suffering northwestern fan so this is a tough time. >> neil: you'll give him his due. >> i do. it's a cool thing to do and generally very smart, soft politics. >> neil: i think you can do a lot. get the brackets, get the budget and i'll help the president by building the budget as if you were filling out a bracket list and you kick two birds with one stone. >> that's the point. notify quarrel with him doing this. it's good politics and fun but as the president, his job, the law requires him, to submit a budget by the first monday in february. four of the first five years of his presidency he's failed and this is the first time since the law went into effect congress was forced to kick off the budget process because the white house -- >> the president's people would
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say it's -- they're hammering over the budget, sequestration. that's what prompted this. it's not all his fault. >> first of all he missed three of the previous four. >> neil: other presidents have missed. >> but his number of misses. >> neil: higher than theirs? >> if we're talking about shooting percentage, he's hitting 1-5. >> neil: what's in it for him being late? >> he sees what's in it for me or what do i suffer by not doing it on lets let the house do their plan. the senate will put out their plan which never balances. i'll say nice things and eventually put out my plan which isn't going to go anywhere but you can't ignore the law. if you're a conservative and sports fan you shouldn't be man that the president is having fun doing his brackets but he should concentrate on doing his job
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first as he's required by statute. >> i have to agree, i don't understand the brackets thing. people run around filling out brackets and i have no idea -- at first i thought was a takeout order. i have no idea what that's about and admit my ignorance. i think the president, you know, is fine to do this and push this. he's into this. many are, like you say. whether it's two favorite days of your life says a lot about your life but that's okay. >> ouch. >> neil: my thing is it send a signal, that's necessary, get that done, this budget stuff is boring, wonky, not important. >> just the job. one of the criticisms of the president is he seems more interested in the trappings and fun stuff than the governance, which was the job he was hired to do. he has an enormous amount of power. we pay him to do the job. you can say the project process
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is not sexy or exciting. >> neil: i built a career on it. >> now we're going back and forth. the fact is this is what you law says. he should abide by that. >> neil: well-spoken. thank you very much. i was kidding you about your favorite days but i'm worried. fair and balanced. new york democratic congressman charly wrangle doesn't agree with a thing he said, which is okay. >> listen, only if you're fair and equal. forget the brackets. i'm here for the budget. >> he's late. it's routine policy in washington for things to be late. i guess we get used to this. but should we? >> well, let me make it clear that once the budget is passed, it has no meaning at all in the law. and so that there's no compulsion for anyone to do anything if, and i hope soon,
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there's agreement to the budget. a budget is really a statement of policy of the party. and hopefully in the future, we will not find the policy so different. >> neil: wait a minute, are you saying when you make a budget, you shouldn't stick to it? it's a joke? >> that's what you said. i said it has no credibility in the law. you said it's a joke. there's a difference. >> neil: you said no credibility in the law. that leads me to think it's a game of semantics. >> it's not a game for people who talk about what their party principals are. >> what if you're late getting the principles out. >> as long as the principles are there for the american people to find out. do you think anybody's going to sleep at night in this country wondering when we're going to get the budget out? of course not. they're concerned with how
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they're going to get a job. will there be social security and medicare and will we provide for the poor. >> neil: part of that assurance and that sense that washington is going to help me in that regard is honoring some of the things it has to do to keep this country going. part of it is providing a budget. part of it a providing a plan. part of it a providing a blueprint. part of it is doing its job to provide jobs and if you make a mockery of the process, maybe for valid reasons, you're not giving americans hope. >> let me make it clear, just because it has no baring in the law doesn't mean it's a mockery and joke. that's coming from the other side of this camera. >> it has been a joke. i criticize both parties. >> let me make it. >> always making a big deal out of relatively small cuts. always making a theater production over what are really
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slices off the growth of spending, always scaring the about a jesus out of the american people. >> i don't care if you're late on a budget, just don't act like it's the end of the world when you haven't even presented one. >> all i'm telling you, and i don't think there's any challenge, that budget was debated in the presidential election. it was clear that what ryan has put up in what he calls a budget and what he and mr. romo ran on was -- romney ran on was the republican platform. now they bring it back as if there was no election. >> neil: do you think the budget submitted by senator patty murray, which doesn't approach balance and increases spending and increases taxes, is what the american people voted for back in november? is that what they voted for? >> do you know there's no one that challenges that america's on the road to recovery.
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if you think for one minute just saying that you are cutting spending, that doesn't mean that you are cutting savings. it doesn't mean you're not -- more money. >> neil: even under the -- we're cutting the growth. are you saying -- >> you're talking about -- jo congressman, yes or no, do you think cutting spending should be a goal? yes or no. >> should i think cutting -- yes, it's how you cut it, of course. everybody believes in cutting. >> neil: what would you cut? >> there's so much money that's already been cut. if we had the obama law, things were cut there. ryan knows it, because he took out the savings we had in the president's bill. even though he's against the bill, somehow he found it that the cutting of savings. >> you're saying what she wants to do is fine with you, even though it effectively calls for more spending, more taxing, and doesn't address these issues?
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>> i don't know where you get the more taxes from. let me make it clear there there's two houses here. there's two houses here. >> neil: i understand that. >> and the fact is that you're disturb. >> the only budget i can see is hers. >> that's all you can see. i'm on the house side. so you need to -- >> the president's late, this is all i got to go on. >> but it's not all -- listen, you can go on the egyptian budget but it's not before the house of representatives and i'm here with the house of representatives. what i'm saying is that raising revenue is not a contradiction of cutting spending. that's all i'm saying. any party, any household, any company that says is wants to reduce the deficit by meaning don't raise revenue are not serious about cutting the deficit. >> neil: even though we've raised revenue, bottom line. >> we should be willing to close tax loopholes if we didn't have a deficit, if we didn't have
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debt. it's the right thing to do. >> neil: we raised taxes. >> i didn't say raise taxes, i said close loopholes. republicans call closing loopholes raising taxes because it's the rich that have unfair practice. >> neil: have you filled out your brackets? yes or no. have you filled out your brackets? >> no, i haven't done that. i'm going to leave that to the president. he may be late on that too. >> neil: i'm sorry. thank you very much. >> thank you, neil. >> neil: do you remember this? an interview i said senator paul and senator cruz were whacko birds. that's inappropriate and i apologize to them for saying that. >> neil: after that, senator cruz accepted that apology. is senator rand paul about to do the same? and as nevada mourns the death of seven marines, did their senator blame the sequester?
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>> neil: a lot of for example talk about the soldiers who died, were killed, in nevada saying there might be a link in harry reid to what happened with sequestration. one of the things the sequester said cut back in training and maintenance. the men and women were training in hawthorn and with the sequester it's going to get cut with this kind of stuff. nick isn't buying any of it. the inference is there. the reid disavowing that.
1:18 pm
>> our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those killed. let's not forget one thing with harry reid, nothing that senator says or does -- everything he does has a political calculation. i lived with that in nevada and that's the way he does business, talk about the fallen marines and dovetail it into a statement of the impact of the sequestration and distance himself and put out staff releasing. it's despicable. >> neil: we asked for a statement out of reid's office. quoting, the idea the tragedy has anything to do with the sequester is absurd and unsob instantated. part of the remarks that caught my attention. these men and women were training at hawthorn and the
1:19 pm
sequester will cut back this stuff, implying in the strongest terms i would think that there was a quid pro quo. >> what the american people need to know is to date, not one document has been released by the administration articulating what the impact of the sequestration is going to be on the budget. the department of defense, because we've had no budget out of harry reid and the democrats on the senate side for four years, we've been operating on continuing resolutions. when you have continuing resolution that takes the previous year funding levels and you have to request changes. frankly it's cost the american taxpayer hundreds of millions of dollars and had an impact but it belongs on harry reid's seat. >> neil: commander. thank you. i think harry reid needs lanny
1:20 pm
davis, five rules with coping for crisis in business, politics and life. among them is talking straight, right? >> harry reid has a very good heart and i am sorry that the commander jumps to impugning motives rather than disagreeing with the way senator reid did it. i would call it a gaffe. >> neil: you think he was making an incorrect link? >> i don't think he meant to. he's too good of a man. >> neil: he mentioned it in the context of the soldiers and -- not good and crisis management rule number 1 is when you make a mistake, you immediately say i didn't mean it, not unsubstantiated. that comment is not what i would have advised. it's hare i harry reid saying i misspoke. >> neil: let's talk about when politicians get into trouble. you're a believer, as you were
1:21 pm
with bill clinton, get out there right away and get ahead of it. get the facts out. a lot of times i think presidents or c.e.o.s understand the magnitude of the problem. >> when will they ever learn? every time you see the same mistake made, to give a half truth or no comment because lawyers are telling you to no comment and there's no one to confront the lawyers. what's more important in politics, business and life. >> neil: it helps to make sure your confidantes are lawyers. the attorney client privilege shields you. >> you have to be in the room with lawyers to make the argument it's better to get the facts out, take the hit and get it behind you. if you're outside the room, which is what public relation firms are, you only get to tell what the lawyers choose. >> neil: we can ride this out but remember the dustup over the
1:22 pm
president golfing with tiger woods. >> i have an idea, mr. president, you don't want press coverage of you golfing with tiger woods. everyone wants to golf with tiger woods. let's not the press cover it. kaboom, that's the way to pour kerosene on the fire. this is a classic mistake. people think if you have bad news, you can just be quiet and it will go away. no it won't. >> neil: that begs of issue whether presidents are entitled to privacy. the white house argued it's a man's weekend. >> suppose they are. it doesn't matter what they think they're entitled to. the reality is you're going to inflame the press rather than let them show up and the story's over. the solyndra says is another. >> getting ahead. get ahead of it and say this is the exception. >> get all the emails out immediately. there are bad optics, there was
1:23 pm
nothing wrong, there was just a mistake. when will they learn. >> neil: they don't. lanny davis, he makes you think -- you've got to read your books. you guys are treating us badly in the press and we're lovely. >> rand paul, talk about a sensation. after this.
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deny, deny, night. pretent it isn't an issue. lindsay lohan likes having her mugshot taken. democrats aren't dumb, they just don't think we have a spending problem. >> it is almost a false argument to say we have a spending problem. >> i'm not going to keep cutting
1:27 pm
the discretionary budget, which, by the way, is not out of control despite what you hear on fox news. >> neil: every time i see that, i want to go ca blewy. if you don't think we have a spending problem, you don't have to address it. carte blanche to keep it going. maya love says that's the problem. the american people will have a single-fingered digit response of their own. what do you make of that? >> you know, it's -- to me this is all about priorities. obviously the priorities of the current administration is not to fix our fiscal crisis. in the past few years, $1.6 trillion of tax increases to the american people. 1 trillion-dollar, obamacare,
1:28 pm
600 billion the fiscal cliff. they think there's not a problem because there's funding called the taxpayers. the priority is the president's priority, make sure that there's more spending in washington, government is bigger and people are -- they control people through dependencies. >> neil: when you don't see the problem -- i think that -- i don't think any of these folks are idiots. i do think they may be too clever, that by denying the problem, or in the case of the senator blaming fox for creating a problem, will get their attention off the real math, more money going out than coming in. a trillion dollar more going out than coming in year in and out. $17 trillion in debt on our way to $21 trillion in debt, leaving aside trillions more in unfunded liability. say you're looking at the wrong thing. things are invented by cukes.
1:29 pm
>> it's easy to say go to the taxpayers and tax them more. when we do that, government becomes bigger and yes undermined what our society is good as doing, which is letting people make decisions on a local level. >> neil: are we winning that pr argument? i mean you lost your race. and i was thinking you had a compelling, cogent argument. we have to stop this. i wonder if part of what is going on here is the other side's very effective as saying no problem here. you know. >> you know what they're effective at saying? we're going to make your lives easier in the short term and we should say we're going to make your lives better for generations to come. my parents came to this country not for an easy life but for opportunities. they wanted their children to be whoever they wanted to be as long as you worked hard and you
1:30 pm
were -- you just did everything you needed to do. you can be whoever you wanted to be. you didn't have to conform to what society told you they wanted you to do. >> very true but they just don't seem to get t thank you. dow that all without hand gestures. look at this. >> i know. >> neil: my goodness. >> nice to see you, neil. >> neil: same here. thank you. in the meantime, check your weight. we're going to hike your rate. why one retail giant is telling its workers to hop on a scale. kentucky senator is here to tell us where he falls on immigration reform. a intra-party dustup. julia chid became a famous chef at age 51. picasso painted one of his master works at 56. doris taerbaum finished her first marathon at 50.
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starting at just $99. [ woman ] i love the convenience of adt. i can finally be in two places at once. [ male announcer ] call today to get adt installed starting at just $99. hurry. this sale ends march 31st. adt. always there. >> neil: see a doc or get docked. cvs is now requiring employees to get on a scale. telling their staff they're to have their vitals checked, including their weight. it could result in a $600 hike on premiums. critics say it's invasion of privacy but is it? tamara, an invasion? >> i think so. they're being forced to do this. if not, they have to pay a fine of $600 per year. so it's really -- they're saying
1:35 pm
it's voluntary, you can sign a permission slip and they're not keeping the information, it's going to a private company but at the end of the day, if they don't do this, they're fined. that's not voluntary. >> one thing that stuck out is if you don't pay and no one's firing you but the boss knows who has not who hopped on the s. >> it's uncomfortable but it's not deemed illegal. what the concept is bring the good-faith benefit programs to promote wellness. feeling when they take care of themself they'll do better at their jobs and, more importantly, they'll reduce healthcare cost for the company. >> we're assuming everyone who is not going to do it is fat. what if it's a thin person, out of principle, i'm not going to
1:36 pm
hop on the scale. >> it's not just weight, it's glucose. >> start with the obvious. you're not getting on the scale, chances are they think you're fat and you're afraid of being exposed. if you're fat, it's probably obvious. >> do you have to hop on scale? >> understood. i always say, i'm an athlete, but people don't -- >> big bones don't jiggle, i've been told. >> neil: well, guests like you don't return, i've been told. your point is that this -- when did you see this get creepy? >> several things, if you're not tobacco-free you have to go into a smoking program and learn about the harm of smoking. it's your glucose, are they going to have access to what is in your blood, the medication you take, oxycontin or if you're
1:37 pm
smoking marijuana but there's no -- >> when they try to get glucose levels does the other stuff come up? >> no, it's not that broad-based. they're going for wellness and the benefits. >> neil: what insurance company demands getting your blood doesn't check for this stuff? >> they're not supposed to. >> neil: i know that. i know that. >> that's where the line gets very creepy. but at the same time, they're saying the way the requirement is written, that these -- this information doesn't go to a third party. it's not based on the requirement whether you're going to get insured. but certainly we feel the uncomfortableness of this because it's not voluntary. >> neil: quickly -- hold on. cvs put out a statement here saying we never want you to step inside our doors again. no, wrong one. all personal health data are collected and reviewed by a third party administer that
1:38 pm
supports the wellness program and the data is not shared with cvs. >> that doesn't go with your point. they're sharing it with a third party and they have access to you will a these things. it's not just a wellness program, it's private information about a person they're forced to give to their employer. >> neil: what about the skinny, fit people at cvs who say fatty over here is costing me through the nose. if it means fatty's going to leave and i pay lower insurance premiums, all the better. i never liked fatty to begin with. >> there's a possibility for discrimination. >> neil: isn't that what it goal is? if you don't get along, get in shape and do more wellness programs, you're persona non grata. >> and your productivity isn't good enough. >> neil: so they're trying to push them out and that could be illegal. >> that's right. that's where the question has been raised by prior employees
1:39 pm
at different companies where they said this goes against the ada and it's discriminatory. the court said no, it's not. it falls under the safe harbor provision and says if it benefits the employee, it's going to benefit everybody. so we're going to see where it goes. >> you guys are the wrong people. i needed a lawyer like mama cass to go through it or john candy but these ladies were not it. when we come back, all you need to know, rand paul is a rising party star. news sites are shooting him down all already.
1:40 pm
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1:42 pm
you know you've become a big deal when everything he says is picked apart. "the associated press" sticking with the story senator rand paul plans to back a path to citizenship in his speech on immigration reform.
1:43 pm
he joins me to set the record straight. are you backing that plan? >> well, interesting thing about citizenship is the only time i mentioned the word shies citizen in the speech is i haven't always been a model citizen. i was a dir little bit dir little bit -- as republicans we need to embrace immigrants and appreciate them. if you want to work and you're in america, we need to find a place for you. my amendment to the bill will be called trust but verify which says we have to secure the border, and that we have to have a report voted on by congress each year in order for immigration reform to go forward. >> neil: how is that -- or is it different from marco rubio's plan? >> it's going to include some of the same things the bipartisan
1:44 pm
group has. i'm not necessarily in disagreement. i don't think they have a new path way to citizenship, their bill like my bill would say you don't have to go home. if you're been here ten years and you're working, you don't have to go back to mexico but you have to get in the same line as someone in mexico city. if someone today in mexico city wants to get in line to come to our country to be a citizen, same for those we give work visas to, they have to get in the same line. it's confusing when people get into this is amnesty, path way to citizenship. i'm saying if you don't want to come her for welfare but you want to work, we'll find a place for you. >> do you think under that plan, those who want into the country illegally see no risk to doing
1:45 pm
so because eventually, whether under rand paul or marco rubio, there might be a incentive down the road to getting on that line? >> the thing is what we're going to do, any reforms will say you have to have been here a certain period of time and there's a window that closes. you don't have ten years to decide to be part of the program. i don't know what the window will be, one year or two, but there's going to have to be a window to apply. if you're part of the 11 million who came here, many who did come legally, they were working on a farm, then overstayed their visa or chose not to be part of the work program. part of the problem with getting rid of illegal immigration is fixing legal immigration. 60,000 came through the program to pick crops but over a million came to pick crops. we don't have a system that
1:46 pm
works. we need to fix the system to we can have all legal immigration and no illegal immigration. >> i want to talk about something harry reid said that created waves over the soldiers in nevada that he linked sequestration cuts. he disavowed that later but nevertheless he referred to their deaths and sequestration in the same remarks, to republicans have been saying the argument stands, it was an awful thing to say, lanny davis saying it was at clumsily worded. >> the democrats have to be careful. they'll blame the bubonic playing on the sequester. senator blunt had a idea, take money from here where it's not necessary and put it into meatpacking inspectors so we inspect our meat. what the democrats are doing is
1:47 pm
saying with sequestration, the meat will be dangerous. that hysteria does no good. if your country has good leaders, you find where money is wasted and put it into essential things. senator more ran tried to save air-traffic controllers and towers in certain places in the country and they wouldn't let him do do it. it's almost they want visible pain but don't want to make sure your food is inspected and air-traffic controllers are there. it's irresponsible on their part. >> neil: what do you think of the reaction you're getting in the party now and the straw poll victory you had at cpac that you're being more scrutinized now and you've got to be careful and -- the party stewards, who they are, are saying that maybe
1:48 pm
you're not as hawkish and maybe when it comes to cutting budgets, you're reckless. you don't -- you have a plan for five years. republicans should be a little bit cautious about you. what do you say? >> it's hard for me to be anything except for who i am. i'm a forthright guy and i'll keep putting forward solutions. i had a good job before i came here. i'm a physician, i like doing surgery and i'm happy to go back at any time but the country is not looking for your traditional cookie cutter conservative. they're looking for somebody who can represent the whole country and the ideas i'm talking about could help republicans grow in areas like california, new england, illinois, states that have given up on republicans. we do have to think about new ideas if we're going to be
1:49 pm
competitive as a national party. >> neil: senator, some of the friction or whatever you call it between you and senator mccain, the senator tried to put to rest by apologizing to you and senator cruise cruz for his remarks. how railroad getting along with -- are you getting along with senator mccain? >> i have a great deal of respect for senator mccain. we disagree on some things but i respect his war service and years as a p.o.w. and he's a voice for people who believe in national security, but so do i. i don't want to say there can't be more than one way to defend the country and there's not room for military programs not used wisely. senator mccain has said the same. >> neil: have you talked to each other privately, one-on-one? >> we do. we ride in the same elevator, ride the escalator we're
1:50 pm
cordial. senator mccain and i are fine. we're going to disagree sometimes. but i also don't think that the people, even sometimes senator mccain who thinks we're so different, i don't care we are. he harkens back and says he admires reagan. well, so do i. we have a different twist on what we think reagan represented but he represented a strong national defense and i believe in a strong national defense. on that, senator mccain and i should be in agreement. >> neil: we're just learning -- you probably know, a measure to keep the government funded through the end of september but i had charley wrangle here who was saying the fact that the president has not submitted a budget, that things are notoriously late nd shouldn't be taken too seriously. part time really paraphrasing
1:51 pm
here. i raised the issue, why bother if they're just a joke. he quibbled with that, what do you think? >> i would say budgets are very important. in fact we have a law that says that all of our appropriations bills are supposed to agree with our budget. it's a blueprint for how the country's supposed to operate. every business has a budget, from a business that grosses 200,000 to $200 million, they have a budget and plan and pay attention to revenue. every business in america says that they cannot spend more than comes in. they have to pay interest if they borrow money but the balance sheet has to equal each year and they can't do it very long where it doesn't. our country needs to be run more like a business and that's the problem, it's not. we're running the country into the ground by borrowing a trillion dollars every year. >> are you running for president? >> let's say i want to be part of the national debate.
1:52 pm
i haven't made any decision on anything other than i will run for reelection in the u.s. senate. i want to be part of the national debate and growing the republican party. >> neil: senator rand paul, always a pleasure. >> thank you. you ever wondered, maybe thought tv news anchors are shallow? i want to prove we're not that shallow. how's my hair? all stations come over to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. rify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture.
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is be laughed at. never laughed at. we want to be at the picnic, not the skunk. we all want to be loved. we want to be cool. which is why we tend to stick with the script written by us, for us and only us. on the same issues, pretty much all issues. the cool thing to say is the president made a possible with stimulus spending. not cool is ben bernanke made it possible with his stimulus spending. the budget, cool things to say is republicans are obstruction insist, not cool to say is democrats must be equally obstructionist for demanding more spending. fair is fair but that doesn't mean it's cool. what it cool it believing in climate change and spending billions to spend it. what is not cool is questioning
1:57 pm
climate change and whether we can fix it. cool is giving billions to darfur, not cool is questioning whether the dollars ever get to darfur. that is heartless, that is cluesless and the epitome of uncoolness. cool is praising a new jersey governor who shoots down the hurricane sandy cool. not cool is billions of waste in the package. cool is assuming corporations are evil, not cool is now and then they're reporting, most corporations is not. cool is apple, even though it ships thousands of jobs abroad. not cool is oil, even though it pays billions of dollars of taxings. woe to the anchor to commands big oil and pointing out apple inconsistency you are you're fodder for the debate and
1:58 pm
violated the rules of media club. you're outside the club and the club is now laughing at you. and no one in my business likes being laughed at. we want to be loved and praised and mentioned on pseudokudos on pseudonews shows and invited to parties that matter. enjoying bold faced names. too many of us worked to long to get into the club that we'll avoid anything that could get us kicked out of the club. even when we club ourselves by bending our own club rules like saying john mccain is not cool because he sounds establishment, even though we used to call him a maverick when he challenged the republican settlement. that's not cool my friends. that's creepy. look, i'm not saying i'm better but maybe because i deal with bigger issues in my life, my media image isn't life and death. like i said, thick skin. any hope i had that the media my
1:59 pm
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